HDC Research Fellowship

Published on: Nov 16, 2022
Written by: Fred van Lieburg

The HDC Centre for Religious History at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam represents a co-operation between the Faculty of Humanities (Department of History) and the University Library (Special Collections). It develops a research programme on Dutch religious history in an international context (1500-2020), including the formation of large datasets of biographical, bibliographical, geographical and textual sources, and in connection to books, manuscripts and archives owned by the UBVU. In order to further improve the infrastructure and encourage its use in research and teaching, the HDC opens a Fellowship Call for an employment during 2023.

The HDC Research Fellow will carry out a small research project, resulting in:

- an article about this research submitted for publication, and/or a research proposal to be submitted in any NWO, European or other scholarly programme;

- a public presentation on a conference or workshop;

- a blog post on the HDC website explaining the results of the project for a wider audience.

The Fellow will be funded for at least three months full-time in accordance with the standard NWO/VSNU rules and applicable tariffs. Money for small material costs will be provided.

You can apply by writing a proposal of two A4 pages, addressing your research plan in creative alignment with the general agenda of the HDC Centre for Religious History. For its perspectives, see for example:

- Het vernieuwde HDC

- Het HDC na vijftig jaar

- Another Enlightenment

- Collectie HDC|Protestants Erfgoed

Challenges of co-operation with other projects outside and inside VU are very welcome. The HDC is partner of the VU clusters CLUE+ and Connected World.

Please submit your proposal no later than 15 December 2022 to the HDC director, Fred van Lieburg, f.a.van.lieburg@vu.nl. Of course, you may get in touch in advance.