HDC Centre for Religious History is connected with the programme of History studies in the Faculty of Humanities at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. You can follow a Dutch language BA History programme with substantial courses in religious history. The Master History includes the specialization track Religion and Society from the Antiquity up to the present. The Research Master Humanities offers courses and tutorials to specialize in (global) religious history. Moreover, several (exchange) courses and minor programmes are organised by the Faculty of Religion and Theology and by the Faculty of Social Sciences. Up-to-date information about all education at VU can be found in the university study guide on or

It is always possible to follow an internship at HDC, for example by contributing to a current research project or by making an inventory of an archival collection. Please do not hestitiate to contact the HDC or individual staff members if you have any questions.

HDC welcomes proposals for PhD projects to be discussed in its research seminars or, after acceptation, supervised by affiliated professors and senior scholars. Individual thesis trajectories will be implemented in the programmes of the Graduate Schools for Humanities or Religion and Theology at Vrije Universiteit.