Pella (USA), 16 August 2018

H.P. Scholte Sesquicentennial Conference 1868-2018

In August 2018, it will be 150 years since the death of Dutch Seceder pastor and American immigrant leader Hendrik P. Scholte (1805 -1868). His legacy is related to the Secession of 1834 in the Netherlands and is tangibly present in Pella, Iowa, where he settled in 1847 with his eight-hundred-member Dutch immigrant group. His original house is still there, and Pella is one of the most vibrant pockets of Dutch American history in the United States. The conference will focus on the history and legacy of Scholte and his community in the Netherlands and the United States. We will seek to understand the distinctive leadership of Scholte in the context of that time period, considering features like the separation of church and state, expanding mobility, democratization, and education.
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