Amsterdam, 19 November 2020

HDC Kuyperjaar #3 Kuyper Centennial Congress: ANNOUNCEMENT OF CANCELLATION

The Covid pandemic has confronted the organizing committee of the Kuyper Centennial Congress Amsterdam with unprecedented difficulties. For the sake of our health we were forced several times in the past months to scale down the program, the facilities and the attendance of our international conference. All the time, we kept hoping for an academic commemoration of Kuyper’s legacy in this Kuyper year at the Vrije Universiteit. After serious consideration of all possible scenarios – including a digital conference with more than fifty presenters - and in face of the recent restrictions by the Dutch government that prevent us to have a conference at the Vrije Universiteit, we finally had to decide to cancel the conference. Of course this is a decision we have tried to avoid as along as possible, but since the situation does not seem to become less serious in the upcoming weeks, we had to take this disappointing decision. The keynote speakers have been asked to record their lecture, in order to make them available on YouTube. We have plans to publish a book with contributions as a substitute to the centennial congress, including the other papers that were prepared for the conference.