Pieter van den Boogaard

I am minister of the Restored Reformed congregation at Ederveen, secretary of the committee of Church law of the Restored Reformed Church, and secretary of the Centre for Religion and Law at VU University Amsterdam (VU). The subject of my PhD research is the development and reception of church law of Prof. F.L. Rutgers (1837-1917), co-founder of the VU (1880) and the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands (1886/1892).

Pieter Jan Dijkman

I'm director of the CDA Research Institute, a political think tank of the Dutch Christian Democrats. And I'm researcher (external PhD) in a project on the debate of the concept of Christian politics in the Netherlands between 1920 en 1960.

Koos-jan de Jager

I am a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Humanities, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, working on the relation between religion, war and military violence. I am currently writing a religious history of the Dutch army during the Indonesian War of Independence (1945-1950). I have published on Dutch Bible Belt history and on the relationship between religion and anti-communism

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Bente de Leede

I am a historian and PhD candidate at Leiden University, working on the interaction of Sri Lankans with Dutch Protestantism in Dutch colonial Sri Lanka and how it affected their life morally, socially and culturally. I am specifically interested in everyday colonialism, colonial culture, and religion and empire and has previously researched decolonisation and colonial ideologies of and in Indonesia, the Netherlands and Germany.

David Oldenhof

Currently, I work as management trainee at the VU Humanities faculty. During my research master at Radboud University, I studied fifteenth and sixteenth century Dutch history with a focus on the development of religious thought and the fascinating Catholic polemics and vernacular writings of the early Dutch reformation.

Lisanne de Ruiter

After several years of teaching history and publishing articles on diverse cultural subjects, I now work as a PhD candidate for the TU Kampen. I work closely together with the NIMH (Dutch Institute for Military History). My research focuses on the history of protestant chaplaincy within the Dutch military.

Johan Smits

I am a teacher of religious education at a secondary school in Amersfoort and PhD-student at Vrije Universiteit, Faculty of Humanities, Amsterdam. During my Research Master in Theology and Religious Studies at Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, I specialised in skills for studying the interactions between theology and its contexts in history. My current research, in the context of my NWO-funded PhD-project (Promotiebeurs voor Leraren 2018-II), focusses on the influence of academic theologians on nationalist discourses in Germany, 1820-1870.

Johan Snel

I studied early modern history at the Vrije Universiteit but wandered into Journalism, teaching it and writing about it. I published books on Free Speech (2011) and Journalism Ideals (2016) and wrote a portrait of Abraham Kuyper (2020). My PhD thesis on Kuyper's Journalism is scheduled for 2022.

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Geurt Henk Spruyt

I studied Law and History at Utrecht University. I am currently working as legal counsel at the Dutch Data Protection Authority and conductsresearch on the 'Lunterse Kring', a circle of forty clergymen and members of various Protestant Churches. This group informed - from its start in August 1940 - the Dutch people by illegal pamphlets about the dangers of National-Socialism.

Matthijs van der Stoep

During my studies I specialized in the history of nineteenth century political ideas in the Netherlands and especially the ideas of Abraham Kuyper. I wrote my Bachelor's thesis on the early Kuyper and his view on the concept of democracy (1867-1876) and my Research Master's thesis on the rise of democratic ideas among social liberals and antirevolutionaries (1885-1897). My PhD project will cover Kuyper’s relation to socialist ideology and politics (1886-1901).

Henk Tijssen

I am a teacher of economics and social studies at Hoornbeeck College in Kampen. I studied modern history at the University of Groningen. I wrote books about the national-socialist reformed ministers W.Th. Boissevain and L.C.W. Ekering, and about reformed minister and politician C.A. Lingbeek. As a PhD student at VU (Faculty of Humanities), I am currently working on a dissertation about the Orde van Getuigen van Christus during World War II.

Martha Visscher-Houweling

I studied Religious Studies at the University of Leiden. Currently I am working at VU University (Faculty of Humanities) on a PhD project about developments in the Dutch Bible Belt from circa 1900 to the present. My main interests are the Dutch Bible Belt, religious language, and digital history.

Sabine Wolsink

Since June 2022, I am a PhD candidate in systematic theology at the Faculty of Protestant Theology of the University of Vienna. Previously, I studied in Nijmegen, Amsterdam (VU/PThU), Leiden and Halle (Saale) and I was a research fellow at the Francke Foundations in Halle. My PhD project focuses on the Dutch intellectual Allard Pierson (1831-1896) considered from a contemporary postsecular perspective, thereby questioning the concept of religion beyond merely institutionalised and dogmatic forms. Another line of research deals with the nineteenth-century awakening movement in both Germany (in particular August Tholuck (1799-1877)) and the Netherlands.

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