The HDC Centre for Religious History operates a Visiting Fellows scheme to allow academics and researchers to spend a period of time conducting research at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, preferably at its archival collections. Visiting Fellows may be on sabbatical leave from their own institution or sponsored directly by other organisations. There is limited funding available to cover part of the expenses.

Prospective applicants should note that the HDC Centre for Religious History only accepts applicants who can:

  • Present a clear case for being based specifically at the Centre
  • Provide a clear timetable for the proposed duration and timing of their visit, together with achievable research objectives
  • Make a compelling case to demonstrate that their presence and work will compliment our research environment and enhance the department's research profile

Visiting fellows

The Visiting Fellow scheme is intended for scholars in any post-doctoral stage of their scholarly career: from post-doctoral researchers to senior scholars. The status of Visiting Fellow is non-contractual and confers no special privileges. Visiting Fellows must have already been awarded their doctorate prior to the stay at the Centre.

General guidelines

Visiting Fellows may start at any time during the year, subject to agreement by the Centre. All applications must be approved by the Centre’s Board, which meets monthly. A waiting period of three months or more may be required to obtain approval of applications.

The length of a visit would normally be between one and three months, although requests for longer visits may be considered on merit. Applicants must be of post-doctoral status.

Visiting Fellows should participate in the research life of the Centre by attending the monthly seminars and other events related to their research. We also encourage Visiting Fellows to give a seminar on their research during their visit.

Applications are considered from those who have or expect to have adequate financial support for the proposed visit. There is limited space for some financial support. Applicants who may need this, can contact the director beforehand.

We regret that it is not always possible to provide Visiting Fellows with dedicated desk space. The Centre is not able to make any arrangements for living accommodation for visitors.

In all cases, Fellows who are not nationals of the European Economic Area (EEA) and who receive financial support of any form (from a formal source of funding such as the government, university, research council or charitable organisation) to carry out research will be required to have a Sponsored Research Work Permit to work at the Centre.

Application process

Motivation letter, research proposal of 1,000 words and copy of your current CV, including a list of publications, should be sent by email to the Centre’s secretariat at